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Content management system

People visit your site mainly for its content. If your content isn't kept up to date then they may be misinformed about you or your bisineses current position. A conetnt manegement sustem will make it a lot easier to keep your website's content fresh and up to date. 

Connected to Social Media sites

78% of consumers have said that they are influenced by the companies they follow on social media to make purchases. Engaging with potential customers on social media is a great way of winning new business. We can connect your website to social media and help increase the number of visitors to your website.

Mobile Responsive

More and more people choose to browse the web on their mobile phones and tablets rather than a desktop. If your website doesn't display well on a mobile device, you could be missing as much as 27% of your website traffic. We can ensure your website looks great on all devices no matter the size.

Real time

Have you ever thought about adding real time features to your site? Using a clever technology called Web Sockets we can add a chat application to your website that would allow visitors to interact with you or other visitors on your site in real time. Thats just one example. The possibilities are endless.

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